A production hub turned heartland.
A new era of Asahikawa furniture, building on 33 years of the IFDA

Asahikawa’s woodworking industry has flourished since it first emerged a century ago, and the region is now one of Japan’s leading centers in the creation of wooden furniture. As part of this journey, the International Furniture Design Competition Asahikawa (IFDA) was created in 1990. It has been held every three years since and will celebrate its 12th edition in 2024. Every edition of this prestigious event brings together expertise and design approaches from across the world, with a total of 9,433 entries from 77 countries and regions to date. Of these, more than 50 entries have gone on to become Asahikawa furniture products distributed throughout Japan and beyond.
As creators, we take great pride in the competition’s consistent track record over the past 33 years. The IFDA has also been a gateway to success that inspires furniture designers who aspire to become world-class talents in their field. It is part of the illustrious history that saw Asahikawa join the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of design in 2019. Asahikawa is one of three Cities of Design in Japan, and one of 40 such cities around the world. It is embarking on a new era as the heartland of furniture in a manner befitting of this title.
The 2024 IFDA is expected to mark many firsts for the competition, including an opportunity for the finalists to present their creations before the final round of judging and the announcement of the results at the awards ceremony. Such additions will further elevate the sense of occasion and open up a world of possibilities to both showcase Asahikawa furniture from various perspectives and encourage active engagement with competition participants.
Asahikawa, the heartland of furniture, will undergo a major transformation as it continues to develop as a must-visit hub where professional and aspiring designers hope to build connections. As a first step on this journey, we hope that the 12th IFDA captures the imagination of as many people as possible and inspires active participation from across Japan and the world.

IFDA Organizing Committee Chairman
Yoshihiko Kuwabara










Exhibition of Winners’ and Finalists’ Works

Application deadline

June 19th – September 29th

December 20th 2023