The International Furniture Design Fair Asahikawa (IFDA) has been held every three years since 1990, and in 2017 we reached our goal of holding it for the 10th time. In these past 30 years, we have collected wisdom from around the globe as we work toward friendly international exchange. In 2020, the same year as the Tokyo Olympics, we will hold this fair for the 11th time.

The International Furniture Design Competition Asahikawa, the fair’s main event, is paramount to showing the future of wood furniture design, and has so far launched a number of incredible products. However, in the years of manufacturing to come, it is more vital than ever before that we make use of limited resources within our modern society that is overflowing with objects. We need designs that will be loved for an even longer time to come that are made using wood as the main material while also harnessing other materials through innovative ideas and methods. Future IFDA products must be able to be used for decades or centuries to come while still overflowing with creativity. They should be, for example, like the famous classic designs that have been passed down from the middle of the century and only grow more beautiful with use and over time.

In the early summer of the same year as the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, incredible prowess will also gather in Asahikawa. Just as in sports, competitors will go head to head, inspiring each other and making each other better as they aim for even greater heights in the craft of furniture creation, the results of their ability earning them silver or gold in design.

Over the past 30 years, the IFDA has grown into a competition that draws attention from designers across the world. Praise received here promises to lead straight to debut on a global stage. We can’t wait for you to discover new design possibilities with your own hands through IFDA.

IFDA Organizing Committee Chairman Yoshihiko Kuwabara